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For more horoscope Astrologer, Shailendra Pandey tips on how you can better your life by adopting various habits or activities in your daily routine. The show also updates you on your horoscope reading for the day.
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Psychic FAQ: Do Mediums Use Tarot Cards?

Q: Why do mediums use tarot cards? Shouldn’t they be able to communicate with spirits, or the opposite side without needing a spiritual “tool” like tarot? A: This is a pretty excellent inquiry, and also to be entirely sincere with you … it truly relies on the psychic or tool that you are speaking of.

Southern Hemisphere Astrology – How It Resembles Northern Hemisphere Astrology

Southern Hemisphere astrology has a lot alike with Northern hemisphere astrology. Yet there are significant distinctions. For both the Western as well as Vedic astrological traditions, the lunar nodes should be reversed. The temporal order of the houses (Western) or bhavas (Vedic) stays the same, but their spatial settings are turned around.

Psychic FAQ: How Do Tarot Card Readings Work?

Q: Just how do tarot card analyses anticipate my future? Are they just for enjoyment purposes … or can the tarot card truly inform where my life is going to go? A: This is a very typical, rather intricate and often questionable inquiry that deserves an in-depth solution. Certainly, while there are several different viewpoints on what is happening throughout a tarot reading, something that MOST concur on is that done properly, the tarot card is an excellent tool for assessing what the past, present and future holds. Initially, comprehend this BIG point …

Why Zodiac Signs Fall When They Do

An easy-to-understand description of the Zodiac indicators and also why specific birth dates have the indicators that they do. A great introduction to the basics of astrology.

Arabic Parts in Astrology – Specific Examples

Arabic Components are factors of power within a Western or Vedic horoscope that function as a specific significator. They include accuracy to the evaluation of Western and also Vedic horoscopes. Arabic Parts can be computed, as needed, by marking main and also secondary earths for the topic in question. Various astrologists may specify different Arabic Components, depending on the tradition that they comply with.

Your Past Lives Matter (Here Is Why)

I had an intriguing discussion recently with a popular skeptic concerning fate, astrology, past lives and also all points paranormal. He claimed, “if I, as well as many others … can not remember our previous lives … what difference does it make if they are REAL, or just brand-new age nonsense”? It’s an interesting factor, and also something I have actually considered a great deal over the last couple of days.

Venus Retrogrades Are Not Always Roses and Romance

Venus is usually the indication of partnerships, love, equilibrium as well as consistency up until she goes retrograde. Expect partnership concerns to create on personal and also worldwide degrees when this happens.

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